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Should I do a first look on my wedding day?

The first-look photo trend has got to be one of our favorite recent wedding fads! A nervous bride walks up to her worried groom and taps him on the back of the shoulder. This shows how the anxious groom feels about his beautiful wife. It has a fairytale-like vibe, and everyone is doing it these days even more.

Even though the first look is becoming more popular, some couples still stick to tradition and, for some, superstition and wait until the altar to share that special moment.

Then why do it? If not, why not? You get to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before you make a decision.

what are the benefits of a first look?

1) It helps eliminate the butterflies

People can get very tense at weddings, especially before the ceremony when you will be the center of attention. First looks are a wonderful way to calm any nerves before the big moment on your wedding day. Together, you provide a stabilizing factor for one another. You get to express your love for and enthusiasm for the amazing journey you are about to embark on!

2) More photos can be shot prior to the ceremony

Pictures are often taken after your wedding or during cocktail hour. You will be under more time pressure due to the quick turnaround time and the waiting guests. However, if you have a first look before the wedding, you can schedule hours to acquire all the ideal shots you've imagined.

3) It gives you precious time together

It gives couples some alone time before the day's actual craziness starts. Weddings are hectic, and since everyone wants to join the bride and groom in celebrating, couples frequently find themselves with little time to pause and truly enjoy the occasion. First looks give you a chance to bond and enjoy the day before being crowded.

4) More social time with friends and family

First looks can give you more time to spend with your friends and family following the ceremony rather than having to rush away. It's lovely to have extra time to catch up with and enjoy the company of the many guests who have traveled great distances to celebrate with you.

why wouldn't you want to get a first look?

1) You are breaking tradition

No matter what, your wedding day will be memorable since it will be the first time you and your fiancé have met. A first look, however, will prevent you from having that big reveal at the aisle or altar. If you're firmly attached to tradition or superstition, the first look might not be for you.

2) You have to start very early

Due to time constraints, a first look may not be possible for weddings that start early in the day. If there are numerous bridesmaids to dress up and only one makeup artist or hair stylist, even an afternoon one can be overworked. So, you'll need to start your day early because the photography procedure must be started before the ceremony.

3) It is risky for the dress and bouquet

When it comes to the ceremony, your bouquet or boutonnieres may look dried up and wilted if you take a lot of your shots outside in the sun for the first look. Your wedding dress' bottom may more likely take up some grit and dirt... and you'll need to highlight that as you proceed down the aisle.

so what are your thoughts?

A first-look decision might be challenging and entail several family members' preferences. Consider your schedule, the time of day, and how you feel about everything, but remember that you may always change your mind later! As skilled photographers and videographers, we can facilitate adjustments and operate quickly to gain time whenever and wherever it may be.

If you are looking for photography or videography services for your wedding, check out our services!



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