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michele & alex

when the sun shines on true love: Alex and Michele’s wedding at greystone golf club

Sometimes, the universe has its own unique way of ensuring that love stories shine the brightest. Such was the unforgettable experience we had with Alex and Michele's magical wedding day at Greystone Golf Club

The dance of raindrops and the sun’s embrace

The day didn't start as one might have hoped. Dark clouds loomed, and rain pattered incessantly against the windows. The wind howled, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. But, as they say, after every storm comes a rainbow. And did we ever see that proverb come to life?

Just when everyone was gearing up for a beautiful rain-soaked ceremony, the universe had a surprise in store. As if on cue, right before the ceremony, the clouds graciously made way for the sun. It wasn't just any sunlight; it was the kind that painted everything golden, turning Alex and Michele's wedding into a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

Their wedding venue, the Greystone Gold Club,  with its sprawling greens and elegant architecture, proved to be the perfect venue. The sunlight cast a golden hue on the meticulously manicured lawns and the grand clubhouse, enhancing the magical atmosphere. The staff at the club were exceptional, ensuring that despite the initial weather hiccup, the day unfolded seamlessly, leaving the newlyweds and their guests enchanted by the experience.

Wedding Photography and Videography_Michigan_Shoot Media_Michele.jpg


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A dream collaboration: capturing candid love

Working with the couple was nothing short of a dream. Their energy was infectious, making every click of our cameras feel like we were capturing a piece of art. They collaborated effortlessly, understanding the importance of every frame and every moment. We found ourselves moving seamlessly around them, often just observing their natural interactions, which yielded the most heartwarming and candid shots.

And speaking of seamless, let's talk about their wedding timeline. Often, in the hustle and bustle of the big day, couples find themselves rushing, missing moments, and compromising on their dream shots. Not Alex and Michele. Their day was meticulously planned, ensuring they had ample time for every part of their celebration. This allowed us to craft unique visual stories, delve deeper into their narrative, and truly capture the essence of their love.

As photographers and videographers, we have been privileged to witness many beautiful love stories, but there's always that one story that tugs at your heart a bit more. Alex and Michele's tale of love, against the backdrop of unpredictable weather, unfolding just as fate intended, is one we'll remember for years to come.

To Alex and Michele: May your life together be as magical as your wedding day. And thank you for letting us be a part of it, capturing every sunlit smile and rain-soaked embrace.

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