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hayley & malaz

a captivating love story unfolds

As photographers and videographers, we have had the privilege of documenting numerous love stories. Each has unique charm and magic, but some couples leave an indelible mark on our hearts. Hayley and Malaz are one such couple. From the moment they trusted us with capturing their engagement pictures, we knew their journey would be extraordinary. Let us take you through their beautiful love story, set against the picturesque backdrop of Washington State.

a serendipitous connection

In the early stages of our wedding photography and videography career, Hayley and Malaz took a leap of faith and booked us for their wedding. Right at the beginning of our journey, their trust in us was humbling and inspiring. Despite living in different states, they invited us to Washington and graciously welcomed us into their home. Their warm hospitality and infectious enthusiasm set the tone for the beautiful adventure that awaited us.

exploring the beauty of washington

Hayley and Malaz, with their intimate knowledge of Washington State, took it upon themselves to show us some of the hidden gems. Their love for their home state was palpable and fueled our creative inspiration. Through their guidance, we discovered some of Washington's most excellent spots, which became the perfect backdrop for their engagement pictures. From quaint little towns to majestic natural landscapes, we embarked on an unforgettable journey together.

Wedding Photography and Videography_Washington State_Shoot Media_Hayley.jpg


It is a great privilege to capture the most significant day of your life. We're excited to talk. Send us a message, and we'll promise to respond to you immediately.

a storybook affair

Initially scheduled for 2021, Hayley and Malaz's wedding had to be rescheduled due to the unforeseen challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, their love was resilient, and they decided to celebrate their special day in the summer of 2022. The chosen venue, nestled in the enchanting city of Bellingham, Washington, exuded timeless elegance.


We were captivated by its charm when we arrived at the venue. The classic architecture, lush gardens, and breathtaking views made it one of the most beautiful locations we have ever worked at. Every detail was meticulously planned, and the ambiance was magical.


We ventured outside with Hayley and Malaz as the golden hour approached to capture their sunset pictures. The resulting images were like scenes from a movie, reflecting the genuine love and joy of the couple. The serene beauty of Washington State provided the perfect canvas, and they effortlessly melted into the cinematic atmosphere.

an everlasting bond

Beyond our professional collaboration, Hayley and Malaz became cherished friends. Their kindness, openness, and adventurous spirits left an enduring impression on us. It was an honor to document their love story and witness their unbreakable bond.

Hayley and Malaz's wedding in Washington State was a testament to love's resilience and the beauty that surrounds us. From their engagement shoot to their enchanting wedding, every moment was filled with genuine emotions and the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. 


As photographers and videographers, we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey and forever treasure the memories we created together. May their love story continue to inspire and touch the hearts of all who come across it.

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