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arielle and aaron

love in the heart of grand rapids

Arielle and Aaron's wedding was special in the charming city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their venue, Leona Road, added a unique touch to their celebration, having once been a school but now transformed into a beautiful wedding venue.

The couple's choice of location for their wedding party photos and couple portraits was equally exceptional. Ah-Nab-Awen Park is a stunning outdoor area that provides the perfect backdrop for capturing those special moments. The park's lush greenery and natural elements made for a picturesque setting, allowing the couple's love to shine through.



It is a great privilege to capture the most significant day of your life. We're excited to talk. Send us a message, and we'll promise to respond to you immediately.

But the magic didn't stop there. The wedding party went to another beautiful location in Grand Rapids, the Highlands as the sun set. This park has long been a favorite for photographers and couples alike, offering stunning city skyline views and the perfect lighting for capturing those memorable moments.

It was clear that Arielle and Aaron put a lot of thought into the details of their special day, from the venue to the locations chosen for their photos. Their commitment to making their wedding unique and special for all who attended was evident throughout every aspect of the celebration.

The happy couple's special day in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was truly a memorable one. From the historic venue to the beautiful parks chosen for photos, everything was perfect. Their love and commitment to each other shone through every moment of the day, and it was a privilege to witness such a beautiful union.

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