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alexis & daniel

alexis and daniel’s big day: a walk down memory lane

Every wedding we get to be a part of is special, but Alexis and Daniel’s was something else! Taking place at the historical Packard Weddings venue, it was a beautiful mix of love, joy, and a dash of vintage flair, thanks to some classic automobiles. Let’s revisit the love-filled day of Alexis and Daniel!

old-time charm and personal touches:

Packard Weddings showcased an impressive array of vintage vehicles, blending effortlessly with the carefully chosen decor and creating an atmosphere rich in elegance and history. Capturing Alexis and Daniel amongst these timeless beauties was like traveling through different eras, with each snapshot combining retro vibes and their distinctive love story. Every detail of the venue told their tale, reflecting Alexis and Daniel’s creative touch.

a grand entrance, ceremony, and lifetime commitment:

Alexis made her entrance in style, foregoing the usual limo for a gorgeous vintage car, adding a touch of vintage glamour to the day. It felt like a scene straight out of a classic film! Under a floral arch and amidst friends and family, the atmosphere was brimming with anticipation and joy.

The ceremony itself unfolded under a canopy of flowers, where Alexis and Daniel exchanged heartfelt vows. It was a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, infused with a touch of their personal flair. The Packard Weddings venue, steeped in historical charm, provided an enchanting backdrop for every beautiful moment and loving glance exchanged. There, surrounded by loved ones and under the blooming love canopy, Alexis and Daniel embarked on their journey to forever.

dining, dancing, and celebrating: a night for the books

The evening celebration was spectacular, featuring a culinary spread that was a delight for the senses. Each dish, from appetizers to desserts, was a masterpiece, making the dining experience royal. Capturing the joy, especially during Alexis and Daniel’s first dance, was a treat – the love between them lit up the room.

The guests’ enthusiasm and warmth towards Alexis and Daniel added to the joyful ambiance, with every toast filled with affection and well-wishes. We were there, capturing every precious moment and making them last forever.

capturing memories: our piece of the puzzle

Being part of Alexis and Daniel’s day was like stepping into a storybook of love. With our cameras in hand, we captured every emotion and every glance, turning them into lasting memories. The wedding was a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern romance, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Here’s wishing them a lifetime of happiness and adventures – cheers to Alexis and Daniel!

Wedding Photography and Videography_Michigan_Shoot Media_AlexisDaniel25.jpg


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