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brittany & matthew

brittany and matthew’s disney-themed wedding in michigan

the perfect blend of magic and love

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Michigan, Brittany and Matthew’s wedding was anything but conventional. With a spectacle that drew inspiration from Disney's magic, this couple took the idea of a themed wedding to a whole new level. As photographers, we’ve had the privilege of capturing many beautiful ceremonies, but this one? Let’s just say it was straight out of a fairytale!

a disney dream come true

As guests approached the venue, it was instantly apparent that this was no ordinary wedding. From the towering archway festooned with ethereal twinkling lights to Disney-themed signage directing attendees to "Fantasyland" and "Tomorrowland" seating areas, Brittany and Matthew had thought of everything.

Upon entering, one could see tables adorned with centerpieces that showcased different Disney movies—a glass slipper for Cinderella, a rose under a glass dome for Beauty and the Beast, and so on. Even the dinner menu was customized to feature dishes named after beloved Disney characters: "Ariel’s Seafood Splendor," "Simba’s Savanna Steak," and the "Pocahontas Plant-Based Platter" for vegetarian guests.

the best man’s surprise: a hilarious first look

Brittany and Matthew decided to go for a first look before their ceremony. While Matthew stood with his back turned, waiting to see his soon-to-be bride, his best man had other plans. Dressed in a bridal gown, complete with a veil, he crept up behind Matthew. The reaction was priceless! It was a hysterical moment that set the tone for a day filled with laughter and surprises. Don’t worry; we captured the entire thing!

choreographed moves and musical speeches

Brittany and Matthew didn't just walk into their reception; they danced! They had choreographed an entire dance sequence to a medley of Disney songs that transitioned from slow and romantic to an upbeat, high-energy tempo. But they weren't the only ones who had spent time practicing dance moves. Later in the evening, the bridal party surprised the guests with a perfectly synchronized dance, making the atmosphere even more electrifying.

But the highlight had to be the speeches from the maid of honor and best man. Far from traditional, they took everyone by surprise by breaking into a song that they had created just for the couple. Set to the tunes of various Disney songs, the performance was humorous, touching, and incredibly unique—much like the wedding itself. It was clear they had put in a tremendous amount of thought and effort into making it special.

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party like there’s no tomorrow.

As the evening unfolded, the energy never dimmed. The DJ spun a perfect mix of classic Disney songs and popular hits, which kept the dance floor packed. Fireworks filled the sky, illuminating the night as the couple and their guests partied hard, rounding off what was a truly magical day.

once upon a time for brittany and matthew

It’s rare to find a couple who can seamlessly blend tradition with personal flair the way Brittany and Matthew did. Their wedding was not just a union of two souls but a celebration of their unique love story, shared dreams, and the magical world that Disney brings to life for so many of us.

As photographers, it was an absolute treat to capture these moments. From the whimsical Disney-themed décor to the infectious energy of the couple and their loved ones, Brittany and Matthew's wedding was truly a fairytale come to life. Here’s to their happily ever after! 🥂

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