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who we are

Shoot Media is a business founded by dreamers. A married couple that has never stopped believing in true love and that dreams do come true if you never give up. Nice to meet you. Our names are Tyler & Isadora; avid travelers, coffee lovers, and obsessed with our jobs of capturing the most memorable moments of people’s life.

With over 10 years of photography and videography experience and over 200 weddings, we have built a team of photographers & videographers that are just as talented as we are. Shoot Media operates in the whole USA & is available worldwide.

Hiring Shoot Media is an investment, and it is what you deserve! A stress-free experience with people that care about every detail. A business that was created to be different from any other one. Our goal is not to point cameras and edit files but to give assistance with whatever you need from the planning process until after the wedding. We ensure that every client feels confident, secure & comfortable with their decision to hire us. Oh… And the portfolio? It speaks for itself! See below and be the judge.

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“Your style is our style. You name it, we shoot it”.

more about us

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