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mr. and mrs. archer

kate archer

Do you need a photographer/videographer for your wedding?? LOOK NO FURTHER! We hired The Shoot Media and I will forever be in love with this couple! They are a husband/wife team who travel across the country in their van and photograph weddings… I know, #vanlife is something some of us only dream about, but these amazing people are living this dream! They are two of the sweetest, most caring, high energy, fun loving, free spirited people you will ever meet! My day was 7/2/22 in upstate NY (Vernon) and they traveled from their home base in Michigan to Boston for an engagement session for another couple, then drove through the night to us… like WHAT!? That’s dedication to the job!

Before our wedding, we had booked them about a year in advance and we spoke with them over video chat 4 or 5 times! They care so much about their couples, talking about everything, reassuring you of all your fears, giving you advice, hyping you up, and just overall caring about what you have to say.

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They have been doing this for a while and they know the industry inside and out, they will work with you to help you in any way they can. Needless to say, we fell in love with Tyler and Isadora🥰 On the day, they showed up promptly on time and stuck to the shot list and timeline.


They went above and beyond with their duties! It was hot on the day, but I can’t remember a time that I would turn around and Tyler wasn’t there asking if I needed anything or running to get me water! Like seriously? Thank you Tyler for looking out🫶🏼 Oh yeah and then there’s the photos/videos! PERFECTION😍 not to mention the number of photos we got back, it was double what I was expecting! They set up a Pinterest board for you to add all the inspiration you have, because let’s be honest we all have a wedding Pinterest board you want to share with your photographers!

I could literally go on for hours about Tyler and Isadora but I’m going to let y’all figure out the rest of their charms on your own! I hope you choose them to provide your photo/video needs for your special day because they are part of the reason your day will be so special🤍

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